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coconut-dill salmon with green beans & corn

This recipe is from the New York Times cooking and it looks like late summer in a dish.  I love the idea of adding the green beans and the corn. It can be prepared as in the original recipe on the grill or as I have done below in the oven and stove top.  I’ve…

Cultivate, journeys of food &friendship

Travelling to a country to learn about their food brings insight into the multiple layers of history .
The table&spoon cooking club is off for its very first culinary trip to Puebla, Mexico.  Be a part of our journey through @tablenspoon_cookingclub.

Zucchini with garlic & basil sauce

Caramelizing the zucchini in this recipe creates a different flavor which is deeper and richer.  For a more summer version, you could lightly soften the zucchini and add a squirt of lemon to create something more fresh. The best type of pasta for zucchini tends to be any shaped pasta, such as, fusilli, shells, or…