a twist on the classic- Burrata with tomatoes, grilled filet steak over leeks and beans, and Meyer lemon tart

Burrata is a delicious start to any meal, and you cannot go wrong with a juicy, well-seasoned steak.

luscious Burrata cheese with tomatoes or roasted peppers

Burrata or mozzarella cheese makes an easy, delicious first course or side dish for any type of meal- Italian or otherwise.  The flavors of tomatoes can vary tremendously when not in season (season is summer and early fall) which makes roasted red peppers a good substitute for the tomatoes.  I usually just buy a good…

perfect balance of flavors

the classic grilled filet steak

Grilling steak may take a few tries to master but the key is not to overcook, if anything, undercook because you can always cook it more.  A good meat thermometer is helpful to avoid slicing into the center for color.  In this recipe, the steak is best served medium rare– with all the lovely juices that…

creamy leeks with white beans

Leeks are not something often served as a vegetable (in the US) but more often used as the base for seasoning sauces and other dishes.  In England, serving leeks as a side dish is much more common, and truly a delicious complement to many other recipes.  I adapted this recipe from one by Jamie Oliver…

bright burst meyer lemon tart

I love baking but given the chemistry in the process, I rarely change a recipe I find.  Yes, I may add or change a spice but the measurements and types of ingredients remain as listed.  This recipe is from The New York Times.   I like to serve it with a big dollop of fresh whipped cream…


The day before

Make Meyer lemon tart, cover well and refrigerate

Three hours before

Make leeks and beans, keep in pan

Set table- remember napkins, salt and pepper

Organize serving bowls, dishes and serving utensils in kitchen

Put water in a pitcher with lemon or cucumber or nothing and refrigerate

Take out dessert plates and forks, set aside in kitchen ready for lemon tart

Whip fresh cream and cut lemon wheels (refrigerate separately in sealed container)

One hour before

Make Burrata with tomatoes but do not season

Season steaks and leave out at room temperature

Put on music, open wine, set out glasses for drinks before dinner, and any nibbles/appetizers

15 minutes before guests at table

Season Burrata and place out at each place setting, or in center of table (if family style) with appetizer plates

Light candles and put out water

Half way through first course, host excuses him/herself from table

begin to grill steaks- you can come back to table while grilling- set a timer on your phone for 4 minutes per side- total cooking time with resting is about 12-15 minutes.

put leeks on very low heat to begin warming




When guest arrive

start with a some bubbles- champagne or prosecco

for nibbles- mixed nuts or marcona almonds, seasoned crackers with a store bought eggplant spread, taralli (round, similar to a breadstick from southern Italy), breadsticks,