an easy feast-little gem and beet salad, slow roasted lamb over potato fritters, vanilla ice cream with pistachios

a mid winter menu that is easy to prepare and tastes amazing

warm and hearty

slow cooked lamb with garlic and rosemary

Donna Hay’s recipe for slow cooked lamb contains just a few ingredients and could not be easier.  I began making lamb just a few years ago because it has never been one of my favorite meats.  It also seemed heavy and rather gamey. But slow roasting the meat allows all the garlic and rosemary to…

potato fritters with a touch of dill

Potatoes are the common side for many recipes.  These potato fritters absorb all the lovely juices of your meat or fish, adding more flavor and a bit of crunch.

green beans… however you may like it

Green beans are my go to vegetable- easy to cook, works with a large variety of main courses, most people enjoy them- and you can add lots of different ingredients for more interesting flavors, textures and color. This is a basic recipe to start and then add my fresh tomato sauce on top, sprinkle with…

horseradish sauce

A complement to so many dishes, I continually use this recipe for both meat and fish dishes.  It is super simple to make and adds a kick of flavor with the cream smoothness of yoghurt to any dish.  You can adjust the amount of fresh horseradish to your liking, and of course you can alway…

and for dessert….

rich vanilla bean ice cream with pistachios

For this recipe you need an ice cream maker, and must follow the directions for how to use the machine. I love making ice cream.  There is something so satisfying in slowly cooking milk, vanilla and eggs over low heat and then turning it into a smooth, creamy, luscious cold dessert.  A friend of mine…


The day before

Make vanilla ice cream

Roast the beets

Five hours before

Begin to slow roast the lamb, when finished change oven to warm (170F) for lamb to remain warm

Three hours before

Make the zucchini potato fritters

Clean lettuces, make salad dressing

Mash up the fresh pistachios

Set table- remember napkins, salt and pepper

Organize serving bowls, dishes and serving utensils in kitchen

Put water in a pitcher with lemon or cucumber or nothing and refrigerate

Take out dessert bowls, plates and spoons

One hour before

Place potato fritters in oven to begin to warm

Put on music, open wine, set out glasses for drinks before dinner, and any nibbles/appetizers

15 minutes before guests at table

Prepare the salad, season and toss, put on plates

Light candles and put out water



When guest arrive, serve a light pinot noir or some champagne with a selection of nuts and seasoned crackers.