oh so lovely- honey soy salmon, coconut rice, garlic and ginger broccoli, matcha cake

An easy two course meal with the sweet and salty flavors of salmon over coconut rice is a feast for the senses.  The layers matcha cake with buttercream icing makes it all come together for a meal to remember.

honey soy roasted salmon

I don’t remember when I first started making this dish and it has been changed and adapted over the years. Salmon is such a hearty, flavorful fish making it ideal for an elegant Saturday night dinner as well as a simple Sunday lunch.

Great for Lunch or Dinner

coconut rice

The coconut milk in this recipe adds just a hint of sweetness- not to overwhelming but nicely perfumed.

bold broccolini with garlic and ginger

The broccoli can be boiled the day before and stored in the refrigerator.  Remove from the refrigerator a least an hour before and then prepare with the sesame oil, garlic and soy when you are ready to serve.  

matcha cake with buttercream icing

I love the color and texture of this cake.  The recipe is straight from the Real Simple without any modifications because it is perfect.


The day before

Make the matcha cake, cover overnight

Prepare marinade and put over the salmon in an airtight container

Three hours before

Set table- remember napkins, salt and pepper

Organize serving bowls, dishes and serving utensils in kitchen

Put water in a pitcher with lemon or cucumber or nothing and refrigerate

Take out dessert plates and forks, set aside in kitchen ready for cake

One hour before

Make the broccoli

Put on music, open wine, set out glasses for drinks before dinner, and any nibbles/appetizers

15 minutes before guests at table

Put broccoli on a low simmer to heat

Make rice and set a timer to assure proper cooking time

Put salmon in oven

Light candles (if using) and put out water



When guest arrive

start with a rose- maybe even sparkling

for nibbles- seasoned rice crackers, wasabi peas or peanuts, roasted seaweed snacks